Our Bears Making Kits

Include – stuffing, wishing heart, birth certificate.

Bears come with a colour in bag but can be upgraded from our range of gift boxes

All our bear skins have CE certification and meet worldwide toy standards.

We sell two different sized bear 8 inch and 16 inch.

How to stuff your bear?

Open up the back of your bear skin, pulling out the white stuffing pouch then open your bag of stuffing Explain to children not to close the bear up until the end.

Start stuffing the bears arms and legs then proceed to the belly and head if needed by taking a handful of stuffing and fluffing it apart with your hands each time. Children may need help stuffing arms and legs as they are a little harder to get to and make sure the joints are stuffed nicely.

Then get the children to get their wishing heart and make a wish and make the bear promise then place the heart inside the bear. They may now do up the catch and push the stuffing pouch into the bear and seal up the velcro on the back.

Don’t forget to remove tabs on the velcro before sealing.

Your bear is now complete so give it a big cuddle and think of a name for your new best friend and fill out the certificate then colour in the bag if you have one.